Dogstr's Tips

Welcome to Dogstr's Tips! On this page you can find our best tips for competitions, events, information, toys, books and more that we think you'll find Pawsome! Klick on what interests you and sign up and we'll see you there! 

Official Competitions 2022

Are you interested in competing with your dog? Here are our best tips of official clubs where you can show off how Pawsome you are together! 

Informal Competitions 2022

Paws up if you want to sniff around at informal competitions with us!

Event 2022

Hoomans and dogs unite! Patter around different events in Sweden and meet our Dogstr Friends!

Information Pages

Paws up if you're chasing your tails with all this information! Click on our best tips below to help you navigate the jungle! 

Dog Shows

Why not show off that you and your doggo are the ultimate duo! Check out are best tips for where you can strut your stuff!

Want to help out at a dog show?

Whether or not you're a dig owner or not, you can help out at lots of different competitions! Stay Pawsome!

Blandras- och samlingsklubbar

Tycker ni att det är svårt att hitta en klubb som passar er? Nedan tipsar vi om klubbar för blandraser och samlingsraser!

Interactive Toys

It's not always the right weather to activate your best friend outside... Take a break from cuddling on the couch and try out a fun game for you both! Here are our best tips for fun toys!

Books and Videos

Do you want to learn more about how your pooch thinks? Maybe find new tricks to try out and show off? Here are our best tips of books, videos and training courses to entertain you!

Att du har en pawesome upplevelse på vår sajt är prio ett för oss, och vi använder oss av kakor (cookies) för att se till att det händer. Okej med dig?